Beyond Traditional CFE Test Prep

At CFE Success, we offer a customized and convenient approach, with private coaching via skype, case marking with in-depth notes, supplementary marking grids, and 24-hour turnaround times. All of our coaches have extensive coaching and marking experience, a critical factor in ensuring that you receive useful feedback. We work with candidates across Canada.

We will hold you accountable; ensuring that your communication is clear to a third party, and that you are marking your own papers realistically. We will focus your efforts on your specific areas of weakness, but also make sure that you leverage your strengths.

How are we different?

Two-way interactive conversation

Ask questions and clarify concepts in a comfortable one-on-one setting.

Fastest turnaround times

Simulations marked with detailed notes and completed marking grid are returned within 24 hours.


One-on-one debriefs over skype. All you need is an internet connection. No travel required.

Long history of happy candidates

Successfully coaching first time and experienced writers since 2005.


Our tutors all have extensive coaching and marking experience.

Additional resources

Customized study schedules, marking grids, past CFE/UFE question reference guide and study buddy match up, if requested.

This is what past CFE/UFE candidates had to say:

"I'm extremely satisfied with this course overall and found my coach's attitude and attentiveness throughout very inspiring and helpful"
"My coach gave very specific and clear tips that helped me fix my weaknesses"
"Really happy with the service and would absolutely recommend this to future candidates!"
"My coach always took the time if you needed it"
"Excellent! Found it very useful!"
"It was very clear that my coach was really experienced in marking CFE/UFE cases and always had specific and insightful feedback to provide on my cases. Wouldn't change a thing."