Beyond Traditional CFE Test Prep

Unclear where to start? Overwhelmed with too much to do? Unsure where to focus your efforts? Frustrated because you don't understand how to show depth?

This is a relatively new process, so you have lots of questions but you are not sure who to ask. You need clarity on how to structure your case responses for efficiency - maximum value within a limited time. You need answers to help alleviate some stress.

This is likely the most challenging exam you have written so far in your career. It's important. You are motivated. You have passed the PEP program and now this is your last hurdle.

The CPA designation will open up exciting career opportunities and you want those letters as soon as possible. Let us help you through this challenging but entirely achievable process. You've got this!

CFE Success offers CFE test prep services across Canada, with three programs to choose from:

Experienced Writer Program - For CPA candidates writing for the 2nd or 3rd time.

Intensive Program - For CPA candidates looking for comprehensive and interactive feedback to complement Capstone 2.

Essentials Program - For CPA candidates with limited time off work.

All of our programs emphasize individual and timely feedback. We mark, return and debrief your cases the same day for Day 3 cases and the following day For Day 2 cases. For each case that your write with us, we return a completed marking grid plus detailed comments after each paragraph of your response, then do a one-on-one skype coaching session where you can ask any questions you like, it's your time. You will work with the same 1 or 2 mentors throughout the program so that we can identify trends in your writing style.

How are we different from other CFE test prep companies?

Two-way interactive conversation

Speak to your mentor after every case you write with us. Private one-on-one feedback. Demystify the CFE process. Most comprehensive feedback of any program.

Fastest turnaround times

Simulations marked with detailed notes and completed marking grid, returned same day for Day 3 cases and next day for Day 2 cases.

Additional Study Material

12 additional practice cases, including suggested solutions, feedback guides, annotated walk throughs, and sample responses with completed feedback guides. Online technical and case writing tutorials. Live webinar Q&As.

Long history of happy candidates

Successfully coaching first time and experienced writers since 2005. 93% pass rate.


Our mentors all have extensive coaching and marking experience. Have confidence in accuracy of marking. All content prepared by Jennifer Cartwright, CPA, CA, CBV.

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Guaranteed Pass

Guaranteed pass or we will give you access to all online study materials until you do.


This is what past CFE/UFE candidates had to say:

"I was a repeat (3rd time) writer and felt hopeless because I did not know where I was going wrong or what the best way to write CFE cases was. This course quickly showed me where I was going wrong and how I could improve while still making the most of the strengths I had as a writer. It is no surprise that I felt really confident and prepared for the exam."
"Jen encourages hard work with excellent feed back and in the end I passed when I thought it was impossible after failing. Thanks Jen - if only I did this course first time!"
"I'm extremely satisfied with this course overall and found my mentor's attitude and attentiveness throughout very inspiring and helpful"
"It was very clear that my mentor was really experienced in marking CFE/UFE cases and always had specific and insightful feedback to provide on my cases. Wouldn't change a thing."
"My mentor gave very specific and clear tips that helped me fix my weaknesses"
"Really happy with the service and would absolutely recommend this to future candidates!"
"My mentor always took the time if you needed it"
"Excellent! Found it very useful!"