CFE Success was founded to provide the option for supplementary one-on-one test prep. We found that there was a desire from candidates to get individual and interactive feedback in real time from an experienced and consistent mentor. While there are many marking services available, few provide the ability to interact with your marker in order to ask questions and clarify important concepts. We provide this feedback within a day of writing your case, so that the case is still clear in your mind and you can optimize your debrief. We can also identify trends across cases and tailor feedback to your specific strengths and weaknesses since you will be working with the same two mentors throughout the program.

Principal: Jennifer Cartwright

Jennifer has extensive experience with the CFE and UFE processes. She wrote the UFE in 2004, placing on the honour role, and has been marking and coaching ever since. She has marked all three CFEs given to date and has marked the UFE eight times, with experience on both the multi and the comprehensive simulations. Jennifer has also been part of the team leadership group at the CFE/UFE marking centres, training other CPA, CAs to mark the CFE/UFE.

Jennifer has experience facilitating the new CPA program, including Capstone 2, as well as with marking the Core exams, and as a result is very familiar with the CPA mindset concept.

Jennifer has created all content for CFE Success, and trains each CFE Success mentor personally. Jennifer facilitates an opening and closing Q&A webinar at the beginning and end of the program. You will also get one to three private coaching sessions with her, depending on the program.