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Essentials Prep Program

This CFE prep program is designed for CPA candidates taking limited time off of work to study for the CFE, but who would still like some additional one-on-one feedback to supplement CPA Canada's Capstone 2 marking. Even with limited study time, you can pass this exam if you use your time efficiently. We can help you plan your studying, even if you only have 3 weeks off of work.

The essentials prep program is designed to work with CPA candidates’ schedules in August/September 2017, considering Capstone 2 commitments, and work commitments. The course can be done concurrently with Capstone 2, without any scheduling conflict. 

Our essentials CFE prep package includes:

  • 1 hour 40 minutes of private one-on-one debrief sessions over skype.
  • 1 comprehensive (5 hour long cases) and 3 multi (70-90 min. short cases) simulations marked with detailed notes and completed marking grid, returned within 24 hours.
  • 12 practice cases (3 comps and 9 multis), with suggested solutions, marking grids, annotated sample responses with corresponding marking grids, online debrief video for each. These cases are based on past UFE cases but have been modified by CFE Success to better reflect the CFE structure.
  • 10+ online videos teaching you how to outline and approach each type of case, how to achieve depth and breadth, how to debrief, among other important topics.
  • Live Webinar Q&A with Jennifer Cartwright, CPA, CA, CBV at the start and end of the program. 
  • Access to moderated discussion board.
  • 1 one-on-one coaching call with Jennifer Cartwright, CPA, CA, CBV.

$1,250 + sales tax.

20% deposit to reserve a space, with the balance due in July 2017.

CPA candidates with limited time off of work to study for the CFE may also be interested in our Pre-Prep Program offered on weekends in July 2017:

Pre-prep Weekly Case Writing

Schedule - September 2017 CFE Prep

Program Start: August 4 or August 11, 2017. There is some flexibility in terms of timing for the first multi, in case you are still working. If this is your situation, please send us a note and we may be able to accommodate.

You have the choice of either Schedule A or B. Register early if you have a strong preference for one over the other. Space is limited. Your custom schedule will be finalized in late July 2017*.

Schedule A - Comp written with CFE Success on August 14, debriefed the next day. Multis written and debriefed every second Friday, starting August 11.



Schedule B - Comp written with CFE Success on August 21, debriefed the next day. Multis written and debriefed every second Friday for 6 weeks, starting August 4.


What happens on the day when you have a case scheduled with CFE Success?


*Specific days of the week may change, in particular if Capstone 2 makes any changes to their typical schedule, as we need to make sure that your CFE Success case writing/marking schedule lines up with your Capstone 2 case writing/marking schedule.