Pre-Prep Program Weekly Case Writing

For candidates that would like additional case writing practice, we offer a 4 week program that precedes the Experienced, Intensive or Essentials programs. This program starts the week of July 3, 2017. This is also a great option if you only want marking, without any of the additional questions, video debriefs/prep seminars, or live Q&As offered in the other programs.

You write one case per week in July 2017 and we debrief together in the same manner as the Experienced, Intensive or Essentials prep programs, one-on-one via skype, same day for multis (Day 3 cases) and next day for the comp (Day 2 case). We do 1 comp and 3 multis in total over the 4 weeks. Debriefs are in the evenings so that you may continue to work full time during this period.

$650 + sales tax.

20% deposit to reserve a space, with the balance due July 1, 2017.