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Hi! I'm Jenn Cartwright.

And if you are here, you are likely an aspiring CPA, planning to write the CFE at some point in the next couple of years.

Welcome! I’ve got lots of FREE resources and trainings to help you make it across the finish line. Whether you are just starting PEP or writing the next CFE offering, we have resources to help you prioritize the most important topics, demystify the most challenging topics and master the art of time management like a true pro.

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I’ve been there…

I struggled with the Handbook and technical material. 

I lost countless hours of sleep stressing about missing the required. 

I could never finish all the analysis I thought I needed, within the crazy tight time limits. 

To add to the challenge, I worked at a small firm and did not have peer study groups or a prep program to help guide me.

But, I figured out the recipe for competent-within-a-ridiculously-strict-time-limit and ended up making the honour roll. 

Since then, I’ve coached hundreds of successful CFE writers, I’ve marked and taught other markers to mark at 7 of the 11 CFE national marking centres, and CPA Canada has trusted me to author cases and marking keys, complete remarks and PARS and perform technical review.

I know a thing or two about passing the CFE… and I would love to help you pass too!

cfe exam

The Most Tested CFE Topics Guide

This guide shows if, when, and how often each knowledge list topic was tested on past CFEs/UFEs. All 6 competencies included. Use this guide to prioritize your study time and for targeted technical practice.


Case Writing Calendars

How many cases should you be writing? Is Capstone 2 enough? What if you have limited time off? Follow this Case Calendar, even if you only have 2 weeks off (or less)! 2024 CFE versions now available.

debrief checklist

Step by Step Debrief Checklist

We've all heard how important debriefing is. But what the heck does "debrief" even mean? Complete this checklist to ensure you get the most out of every case you take the time to write.

Jenn Cartwright

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